You are welcome to use the accommodation from 3 p.m. What is possible before 3 pm?

The luggage can be stored dry.
You can use the Konkelboet from 1 p.m. on the day of arrival. Please consult in advance so that we can reserve space for you.
You can use the sports field and the facilities of camping de Gouwe Stek.
You can also walk the barefoot path with a reservation.
You can use the accommodation until 10 am on the day of departure.

Bring your own!
The group accommodation has mattresses, pillows and duvets.
Visiting groups must bring their own:

Bottom sheet
duvet cover
Extra toilet paper
Towels/tea towels
Dishwashing brush/dishwashing liquid/dishwasher tablets
Cleaning products
Garbage bags
Coffee powder (ground)
Baking paper for the ovens/microwaves

In the evening after 10:30 PM, no noise may be heard outside due to the campsite.

To retrieve

Are the children picked up by the parents? Then have them picked up at the KGB site. This is a 100 meter walk from here. KGB is located at Gouw 19 in Bovenkarspel. This is a large car park, with enough space to pick up all the children.

Or have them picked up at the parking lot opposite the entrance to the Streekbos. We can possibly take the luggage there.


The luggage can be put in a cubic chest here upon arrival. If you are allowed to check in, we will drive you to the group accommodation. Luggage can also be returned there on the day of departure.

NB! We cannot cool products before 3 p.m. Tip: Place the meats in a cool box with a cooling element. We put the stuff in the cubic chest in the shed, it is cool here.


Schools receive a discount if they rent our group accommodation. Send us an email for this.

Fun to do with schools

Walking the barefoot path. There is a special rate for schools of €4.00* p.p.
To the regional forest for swimming, sports or playing in the playground (<500 m)
IVN for nature education in the regional forest (<500 m)
Climbing in the climbing park Also 6 camps possible (<500 m)
swimming in the Enkhuizen swimming pool
Orion Observatory (<500m) with fun programs especially for schools (with physics experiments)!
Zuiderzee Museum Take a look at antiquity (+/- 3 km).
The Hertenkamp in Enkhuizen does a lot for schools. (+/- 3km

Möchten Sie lieber nicht selbst kochen?

Genießen Sie Pommes Frites und möglicherweise einen Snack von De Gouwe Stek für 4,50 €* pro Person, ohne Soße (im Voraus reservieren, Lieferung in die Gruppenunterkunft)
Bestellen Sie Pizza in der örtlichen Pizzeria
Oder kontaktieren Sie uns für unseren hauseigenen Caterer.