Environmental awareness

Everyone must think about the environment, including us as a recreation company. Below is what we do to take care of the environment as much as possible.

We are environmentally conscious as much as possible. We think it is important to think about nature

Solar panels

We have 60 solar panels on our handyman shed, and there are also 108 solar panels on the roof of the Meeting Point. We have a total of 168 solar panels. This partly meets the demand for electricity at our recreation area.

Separating waste

The waste is collected separately, we separate glass, paper and cardboard, organic waste and plastic waste on our site. We also have a box for returning deposit bottles. We donate what we collect to a good cause at the end of the year.

We collect egg cartons for our chickens so that we can reuse them when selling our eggs. Egg cartons are also often used in crafting. If you have leftover vegetables from dinner, our chickens love them! We have a box near the chickens for this purpose.

Energy saving/LED lamps and sensor and motion detectors

We have energy-saving and LED lamps on the camping site, but also in our rental accommodations. All toilet buildings are also equipped with sensor or motion detectors. So that the light does not remain on for a long time.

Solar collectors

We have solar collectors on the roof of the red toilet building, the green toilet building and the bicycle shed. These collectors convert sunlight into energy for heating. We have a solar boiler in each building above, so that the sun preheats the water.

Water-saving taps and shower heads

We have water-saving taps and shower heads in our sanitary buildings. We also use FSC-approved toilet paper in our sanitary buildings.

Charging station

There is a charging station on site where 2 cars can be charged at the same time.

In practice

Does this mean you have to sacrifice luxury? Or that you must continuously take nature and the environment into account during your holiday? Certainly not. The intention is to always guarantee quality and comfort for our guests, but also for the environment.

Pruning waste

We try to reuse our pruning waste as much as possible. We build branch ridges to give insects a home, for example. Willow branches are used to fence our campfire area. We have a compost heap at the back of the barefoot path. The chickens have old trunks from which they pick insects.

Regional products

We sell regional products at the reception to support local businesses.

Gouwe Voeten Foundation

The barefoot path is also being made more sustainable. Materials are reused as much as possible. Such as tree trunks that you can no longer walk over, these are placed in a place to give insects but also birds the opportunity to nest.

Here and there, nature is given free rein to stimulate biodiversity. Just look at the end of the path to see how many butterfly bushes there are. We did not plant this, but these arrived.

The water that flows from the waterfall onto the barefoot path is pumped up by a windmill. No electricity is useful here either!

Toilets and foot washing area of ​​the barefoot path.

At the barefoot path, the toilets are flushed with rainwater. You can also wash your feet with rainwater from the rain barrel.

Sustainability in the future

We want to become even more sustainable in the future. Consider flushing all toilets with rainwater, getting rid of gas, green roofs, storing solar power, building a new toilet building, etc. Do you have a tip or idea about this? We can always use help, feel free to contact us.