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Go out for the day

Relax and enjoy peace and nature on the barefoot trail!

What could be more enjoyable than walking barefoot? Getting back in touch with your body and the earth. Do you know how it feels to walk on grass? Or how wooden tree trunks feel? Do you know how nice and soft mud can be? It's quite an experience for young and old, and you get to get dirty in the process!

This is the longest barefoot path in North Holland!

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What is coming your way?

Enjoy a few hours in the fresh outdoors through beautiful nature. Smell and look at the beautiful flowers and taste the fruit (if available). It's all allowed on the barefoot trail!

Along the way there are several obstacles you can take. Think walking over logs, a wobble bridge, bridges over water... walking through water, through a reed ditch and much more.... If you don't want to take an obstacle, no problem, just walk past it. You can do this if, for example, you don't want to go through the water. But you cannot walk past all obstacles. Therefore, the path is also not suitable for strollers.