Frequently asked questions

Gouwe Voeten

Can I pay by card? Yes

Can I pay with cash? Yes

Can I come to the barefoot path without a reservation? Yes

Are dogs allowed on the barefoot path? No

Is a refund possible for tickets already purchased? No

Can people with a wheelchair or stroller use the barefoot path? No

Can I have something to eat or have a picnic during the route? No

Are there toilets at the end of the path? Yes

Is there a shoe cupboard and lockers? Yes*

Is the barefoot path also open when it rains? Yes

Can I avoid the water or other obstacles on the route? Yes

How deep is the deepest water? ± 80 cm

How long does a walk on the path take? ± 1½ hours


It is useful to adapt your clothing to the weather. It is always useful for children to bring clean clothes. A towel can also come in handy.
Wheelchairs and strollers cannot use the path, but you can carry your child in a sling/bag.
An entrance ticket is for 1 round of the barefoot path. Would you like another round? Then you must buy a new ticket online or at reception.
You can also walk the barefoot path when it rains! Walking is a completely different experience than if you haven't done it for a while. The barefoot path is therefore open even in bad weather. Walking stimulates blood circulation and you will suffer less from cold and cold feet. Of course it is useful to wear appropriate clothing.
When the weather is warm, it is useful to wear swimwear so you can splash around in the water. Shorts are definitely recommended in reasonable weather.
If you want, you can buy something to drink, an ice cream or a cookie at the reception afterwards.
You are not supposed to have a picnic or something to eat along the way.
Stay on the path and do not deviate from the route. The route is being checked, but we cannot check all the space next to the path to see whether it is suitable for bare feet.
There are no refunds for tickets already purchased. Buy the tickets on the day itself. In bad weather, put on a poncho, your feet will get wet and dirty, but it will keep you dry on top.
Charge your electric car while walking the barefoot path! We have 2 charging points.
There are toilets at the beginning and end of the path. You can also wash your feet here.